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At Adam Marshall Land & Auction, we strive to simplify the selling process from start to finish, so you can enjoy a seamless experience that covers every aspect of the transaction. Selling your property is a personal matter, and often the largest transaction you will encounter in life. That’s why we take the time to ensure that no stone is left unturned, and you walk away from the closing table knowing that you got the best deal for you.

The Extra Mile
Your Proven Path to a Better Deal

Detailed Research

Our goal is your goal, top dollar for your property. The only way to determine the true value of your unique property is through diligent research of current conditions in the Nebraska land market, recent history of the surrounding Nebraska land prices, and thorough evaluation of your specific circumstances. Rest assured, our time-tested process ensures that we will have all of the relevant information that will result in the best deal for you.

Effective Marketing

When your property is properly positioned in front of the right audience, it not only increases its perceived value, but also results in a much more efficient sale. From highly targeted ads, to social media blasts, we zero in on those potential buyers who are actively searching for land and ready to buy now. Our marketing reaches buyers nationwide.

Strategic Negotiation

Leave the inquiries, phone calls, showings, and screenings to us. At Adam Marshall Land & Auction, we put our fine-tuned negotiation approach to work for you. From asking the right questions, to emphasizing your unique selling points, we will ensure the key variables for maximum value are a focal point as we negotiate the best outcome for you.

Painless Closing

After hours of valuable time spent on research, marketing, and negotiation, the last thing you want are unexpected surprises at the closing table. We offer decades of valuable expertise that will ensure a smooth and painless closing, leaving you confident in your decision and focused on what’s next. 

Now is the Time

When it comes to selling property, the sooner you start the conversation, the better. Be prepared to act on any opportunities by starting the conversation today.

A seller controlled way to market their Nebraska land for sale. Broker will present comparable sales to help with determining a listing price. The broker will market the property and present all offers to the seller. Marketing time frame for this process could be 0-12 months.

An Absolute Nebraska land auction allows buyers to bid competitively on your land and selling the property to the highest bidder regardless of price. A quality farm or ranch will demand much interest and an auction will create the best price. Auctions have quite a few benefits including knowing when the property sell, no ceiling on the price, and a fair & transparent process for everyone involved.

Our live auctions feature large bid screens, aerial video of the land, professional ringman and refreshments. If the auction is handled online only on our website, we provide an easy to use website which allows bidders to bid anonymously from anywhere. All bidders are required to register and show the ability to purchase the land.

These auctions have much of the same benefits as absolute land auctions above. The difference is the seller and our brokerage agrees on a set minimum bid required to sell the property. This amount will be advertised and the property must sell at that price or above. The minimum bid amount is percentage near 60-70% of the land’s value. These offer a minimum guaranteed amount to the seller, but still is attractive for buyers.

Our brokerage’s advertising is second to none. We utilize national land websites including,, &, along with paid social media ads targeting land buyers, Google advertising targeting land buyers, along with radio, newsprint, and direct mail marketing. When your land is for sale, the right people will know about it quickly.

Equipment Auctions

Getting top dollar for your farm and heavy construction equipment starts with the right marketing. As a leader in the industry, we thrive at getting your equipment in front of the right buyers. Decades of experience using both online and live auctions at our exceptional auction yard ensure your equipment is prominently displayed nationwide.

You have the option to leave your equipment at your location and we have either a live or online only auction at your location. This will be your own auction without any consignments added to you. For a lifetime’s work, this will make your retirement auction more effective and special for you. This is especially important if you have a reputation for maintaining your equipment and is in good condition.

We have regularly scheduled equipment auctions throughout the year. This includes all types of used farm equipment, used construction equipment, used trucks, used trailers, and other used equipment that we offer through live auctions and online only auctions. A great avenue to sell if you have one or several items to sell.

We Love To Hear From Our Customers!

Adam recommended having an online only auction for our farm retirement. I was skeptical at first with just online only, but the results were excellent. We had hundreds of phone calls on my equipment from states all over the midwest. I was very happy with the process and having a load out day to speed up the removal of our equipment. I would recommend Adam for your farm retirement auction.

Marvin Weiss, Past Customer 2020

Adam Marshall was so helpful and easy to work with when setting up our farm retirement sale.  Since we had never retired before, he answered all our questions and explained the value of his on-line auction service, especially noting the thousands of potential bidders that would be reached.  Adam also kept us abreast of what was happening at the end.  His calls before and on the auction closure day answered all our questions.

If you are going to have a sale, we recommend talking with Adam to learn about online auctions and the service he offers to you!

Ike & Elaine Redfern, Past Customer 2020

I was very satisfied with the online auction with Adam Marshall Auctioneers.
I would recommend them to anyone looking to sell equipment or valuables.

Larry Weaver, Past Customer

I’d highly recommend Adam Marshall Auctioneers for any type of auction.
Professional, thorough and exceeded our expectations.

Roger Standage, Past Customer
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