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The First Choice for Auctions &
Land Brokerage in Central Nebraska

Adam Marshall Auctioneers & Land Broker’s is recognized as a trailblazer in the auction industry in Central Nebraska. We specialize in selling ag assets, including farm & ranch land and machinery. We also conduct auctions for construction equipment and business liquidations. Our customers sell with us because they know they will be treated honestly and fairly from start to finish. Our customers also know that we can market their assets properly and conduct a professional and timely auction, which will produce market value for their assets.


Online Bidding – We offer the best to our clients. We offer online bidding in two ways:

Live online simulcast bidding during live auctions. Buyers can leave absentee bids or bid during the auction just like they were there. A live auction with live online bidding can allow buyers to come to the auction, leave absentee bids online, or bid as the auctioneer is selling an item.

Timed Online Only Auctions – All bids are placed online. Bidders pickup their items are a predetermined date. Bids can be placed from anywhere and anytime.

Adam Marshall Auctioneers & Land Brokers use their own timed online only auction software to facilitate auctions on the internet only. These auctions offer a great way to sell items where they are, without having to move them. This can reduce extra costs such as fairgrounds rental and transporting costs. But, truly the best part is they can produce more bidders, more bidders means more bids, and a higher price for the seller. Time is so valuable to people. Online only auctions by AMA allow bidders to bid at their convenience without a commitment of sitting at an auction all day. If they win the item, they can come pay and pick it up at loadout.


Adam Marshall Auctioneers can perform a professional chattel appraisal of Farm Equipment. Whether it is for a bank, bankruptcy, divorce, etc., we can provide a professional appraisal service to you. Adam has a vast knowledge of the farm equipment market and can provide a quality appraisal for your use.