Adam Marshall

Benefit Auctioneer

Adam has conducted many benefit auctions across the state of Nebraska, helping raise nearly $1 million in the past four years. When your organization’s annual income is dependent on one night of fundraising, you need to select an auctioneer with plenty of experience in benefit auctions. Adam has done fundraisers from $10,000 to $200,000 and audiences of over 600 bidders. Adam is not only a professional auctioneer, but is knowledgeable in making money for your organization outside of the live auction. Adam has a professional team of bid spotters that are available for the event, along with a high volume/quality PA system to use the evening of your special event. Along with getting a Professional Nebraska Benefit Auctioneer, you get a consultant for your event. Everything that we provide to you is to make your evening more successful, enjoyable and fun. When your organization counts on the money raised from your event, you want to hire Adam Marshall.

Benefits You’ve See Adam