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This is a large auction of collectibles, furniture, antiques, and equipment. A very nice line-up that Rich and Jane have collected over the years. Something for everyone. Plan to attend.

Arnold Community Center, Arnold NE
Auction starts at 9:30 AM
Internet bidding on cataloged items. Internet to start at approximately 1:00.
Hundreds of items and many listed have duplicates.

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Terms and Conditions: Cash, good check, VISA, MasterCard, American Express are accepted as payment. All bidders must register for a buyer number the day of auction with a current state issued ID. All items settled for & removed day of auction. Everything sells in as is condition, no warranties expressed or guarantees implied. Auction company is not responsible for theft, damage or accidents. Announcements the day of sale take precedence over previous materials and advertising. A 3% convenience fee will apply to all purchases. (Fee waived if purchases paid by cash or check)

1946 Chevrolet 3/4 ton pickup, 6 cyl. eng., not stuck


1. Dinnerware, Royal Worcester Evesham Flameproof porcelain: 10 mugs, 12 plates, 12 teacups and saucers, 10 pie plates 7 soup bowls, 12 sauce dishes, 12 salad plates, casseroles, platters, 12 plus serving dishes.*
2. Wood and leather bellows
3. Vases, Hull , Waterford crystal, copper, blue china ginger jar
4. China flowers, cottages, candle holders, English incense burners
5. Antiques books and magazines (Western Romance Magazines,1942 American Girl, Rotarian, Liberty.
6. White French dial phone , early model black, Wall phones
7. Kitchen items: 3 Butter Churns (Crock, wooden, Daisy), Potato ricer, wooden bowls, churn, crock mixing bowls and pitchers, teapot, soup tureen, fry cutter,Fire King refrigerator dishes, baking pan, 5 mugs,
8. Carnival glass fluted bowl plates, 6.5” and 9”
9. Incolay treasure box
10. Insulators, glass and porcelain
11. Wooden boxes, (cheese, tobacco, match, fruit, beer)
12. Pot Belly Stove, Balsam 115, chrome & black, Chimney flue
13. Dresser sets-Curling iron, Manicure set, Hand mirrors, cellinoid glove box and hankie box.
14. Pipe stand, smokers stands
15. Enamel ware: Camping set(6 enamel cups, 6enamel plates, enamel coffee pot, 2 frying pans 2 buckets fitting together)*, pans, buckets, bowls
16. Crocks: jugs- 1 gal, 5 quarts, 2 quart, 2brown stoneware jar(probably for preservation)*, bean pot with pouring lip(crack)*2 quart crock, 6 quart crock, 2-4/5 gallon crock jugs
17. Depression(pink green, yellow, clear, blue and black) glass dishes,pink fruit bowl sets cake plate, candy dishes, stemmed champagne glasses in pink and yellow, green goblets, c&sugar, Salt and peppers
18. Shoe Shine Kit, Cobbler shoe forms
19. Phonograph in wooden box
20. Scales, grocer, meat, fish, platform
21. Fluted cut glass serving bowl*, stemmed candy dish with lid*, clear depression glass bowl*, refrigerator dish*, large flat candy dish with lid*, small pitcher, other glassware
22. Gibsons Staffordshire china teapot*, Bavarian teapot, small*
23. Collectible plates and china
24. Royal Doulton & Co. Toby Mugs*: The Lawyer large , Falstaff, North American Indian, Don Quixote, Rip Van Winkle, Mark Twain, Santa ClausPorthos, Dick Turpin,The Lawyer small*
25. Staffordshire Toby Mug* : Sinbad, Shiekh,
26. China flowers, cottages, candle holders, incense burners(English), Gapodimonte large china flowers inbowl* (Italian)
27. Waterford Crystal, tiered plate, stemmed candy dish with lid, 3 hurricane lamps or candle holders with crystal drops
28. Silver trays and teapot, sugar and creamer*, pewter tankard
29. Figurines: RSPB European Goldfinch*, the Blue Tit bird on Bell*, The American Goldfinch on bell*, The American Redstart on bell*, Royal Doulton Stop Press*,Norman Rockwell “Memories”*
30. Antique Pink glass ceiling light covers
31. Trunks, camel back, foot locker,
32. Antique Microscope
33. GI Joe lunch box and thermos, My Little Pony lunch box and thermos, California Raisin thermos
34. Arnold Centennial bell, three 1938 aerial photographs of Arnold and surrounding farms 2 ft by 3 ft.,
35. White French dial phone , early model black,
36. Stencil tablecloth from 40’s, Victorian tapestry, child’s tufted stool on cast iron legs, canvas voting booths from Crete, chenille bedspread
37. Authenticated autographed R. Jackson Baseball (10598)*, Authenticated autographe Stan Musial (10124)*
38. Denver Broncos autographed football, 1992 team
39. Olympics Memorabilia: Official International Flag Pin Series of 150 countries*,Limited Edition Flag Pin Set *, Greatest Olympic athlete trading cards (collectors edition)
40. Antique coffee grinders*
41. Cream cans with variety, stirrers, samplers
42. Duck Decoys, one injured*
43. Brass sconce on 18” brass plaque*
44. Crock mixing bowls
45. Church trays from Garfield Church
46. Church trays from Garfield Church
47. Doilies, rugs, tablecloths
48. Yellow cookie jar*
49. Green over the bed frame night light*
50. Bavarian teapot, small*
51. Royal Albert bone china , Minuet 5 saucers and 4 cups*
52. Cherry Blossum Pattern china , 5 saucers, 6 cups*
53. 3 Coalport cottages, incense burners for English outhouses.*
54. Clear depression glass, two salt cellars stemmed candy dish, avocado embossed plate, oblong serving dish.
55. Four carnival plates and bowls, two with damage
56. Handkerchief box and glove box of cellinoid, complete with gloves and hankies
57. Ladies hair crimper, curler powder and manicure set in case
58. Oval Glass tray with two stoppered perfume bottles and covered powder dish.
59. Three piece east Lake Parlor set, blue damask
60. Small grandfather clock, late 1800’s, Cuckoo clock
61. Oval fan back table
62. French Provincial chairs, upholstered seats, 4 with one needing repair

More Antiques!

63. Round Pedestal Dining table
64. Smaller Round pedestal dining table
65. Pitcher pump like grandma had on counter
66. 2 large Scythes
67. Galvanized watering can
68. Small bale handled cream can
69. Coal bucket
70. Wall telephone
71. Oval picture frames with curved glass
72. Curved glass for oval frame
73. Two cast iron frying pans, one steel frying pan
74. Assorted oil cans, app. 100 of all brands
75. Wooden boxes of all descriptions
76. Salesman sample of oil and grease sample kit (1890-1920 ish)
77. Metal wrapped Suitcases
78. Tortoise shell
79. Singer sewing machine in wooden curved top case
80. Anheiser Busch wagon castings
81. Carved wooden top to dresser mirror
82. Sickle hammers
83. Model T windshield
84. Cast iron floor grate with unique pattern
85. Enamel pots
86. Antique trimall tool
87. Roof mount truck horn
88. Brass plated claw foot tub feet
89. Etched glass window
90. Early truck window
91. Battery jars for wind charger
92. Everyready Battery Plate Box, wooder
93. Early forged English hobbles
94. Steel runner wooden sled
95. Black slate chalkboard
96. Montgomery Wards Lunch Counter sign
97. Wooden Cabbage slicer
98. Jacob Schmidt Company wooden box with lid
99. Thermolware thermos, glass with metal exterior and cup with bail
100. Galvanized corrugated gas can
101. Mirror brackets of wood
102. Red water pail
103. English miners three compartment lunch bucket
104. Cast table mounted Leather punches
105. Gas can and coal bucket
106. Brass and steel kerosene lantern
107. Copper boiler with lid
108. Counter mounted sink pump
109. Leather working tools
110. Camel back trunk with shelf
111. Cast iron dehorner, hay saw, nail puller
112. Shaving kit
113. Metal suitcase with plaid removable shelf
114. Oil can
115. Bed warmer
116. Two man ice tongs
117. Ice tongs
118. Vakve remover and top of pitcher pump
119. Copper reservoir for kitchen wood stove
120. Open shelves on carved wooden legs with apron
121. Corrugated tin gas can
122. Cast aluminum Enamel pots and pans
123. kettle
124. Glass covered photo
125. Kerosene carriage lantern
126. Wall mounted brass light fixture base
127. Wooden handled hoe, railroad spike hammer, spade, saw, rake, pick
128. Enamel pots and pans blue, white, granit
129. Enamel pots and pans
130. Enamel pots and pans
131. Assorted wooden boxes and drawers
132. Two man bucksaw
133. Nutcracker and picks
134. Ice tong
135. Lantern without glass
136. Hay scale with sliding weight
137. Cast claw foot bathtub feet
138. Cast claw foot bathtub feet, one damaged
139. Small sliding weight scale
140. Small collection of single wire barbed wire
141. Battery powered railroad lantern, Kearney and Blackhills
142. Cheese boxes
143. Early auto bumper jack
144. Stainless steel water kettle without lid
145. Cast iron tub feet
146. Furnace grated
147. Assorted hooks in box and one pistol grip
148. Cast iron John Deere foot operated pedal, very rare
149. Sad irons
150. Sad iron
151. License plate 1955-87-58
152. Cast iron hand tools
153. Asbestos Brand sad iron
154. Ford Running Boards
155. Tire pumps
156. Brass fire extinguisher
157. Haymow rafter hangers
158. Enamel water kettle
159. Ohio Valley app.2 gallon crock, brown top, white bottom
160. Hand carved wooden fishing net float
161. Two U. S. Calvary horse bits and bridles with brass ensignia
162. Two hand forged pitch fork heads, rare
163. Ice tong
164. Table mount meat grinder
165. Red Kerosene railroad flare
166. Horse collars
167. Hand scythe
168. Carriage steps, cast iron
169. Cast iron stove plates and handles
170. 1942 Magazines, American Girl, Liberty, Rotarian, Redbook
171. Horn weights
172. Cast iron tool hangers
173. Cast iron grinder, leather press, sweep tooth ends, etc.
174. Grocery store scale
175. Brass door handles, latches, lock sets
176. Bullet Headlight
177. Brown three gallon crock
178. Tin oval lunch box, western motif decoration, one bail missing
179. Hudson Super Six hubcap
180. Wrenches
181. Door knobs and plates
182. One hand ice hooks, wooden handle
183. Three foot long drill bits for wood
184. Brass fire extinguisher, three foot tall, Foamine Crusader and Posoma
185. Hudson water hand pump fire extinguisher
186. Wooden kraut cutter with slide and press
187. Sausage press
188. Porch bric a brac
189. Hand forged flower pot hanger set
190. Bird Cage or pot stands
191. Signs=Central Plains Farms, Hillcrest Farms, lighted Hamms Beer Sign
192. Porcelain, glass, brass door knob and hardware
193. Cream can plunger/tester
194. Masons cast iron brick tong
195. Shucking Hooks
196. Gauge for steam pressure
197. Cherry pitter
198. Egg timer on button advertising Central Bag Co. K.C. , phone 0388
199. Truck clearance lights
200. Locking Plier
201. Stirrups from walking plow, pulley, adz (similar to an axe)
202. Egg crate with “Earl Leach” name on it and fruit boxes
203. Coal bucket shovel, clinker tongs, rake for fireplace
204. Washboard
205. Meat saw
206. Piano foot pedals
207. Hand side crank, top load wooden butter churn, app. 24 inch in diameter
208. Early motor amp gauge
209. Fruit crates
210. Fordson tractor toolbox
211. Dura Cash Type stamping with machine
212. Sad Irons
213. Steering wheel said to be off Al Capone’s car, possibly a Packard
214. Oil funnels and filter
215. Square table with glass and brass claw feet
216. Herschel Trolley, Cloverleaf,, 1909 trolley
217. Wooden thread spools
218. Enterprise sausage press
219. Wooden and metal pulleys of all sizes
220. Old toys, road grader dump truck, tractor 1
221. Lanterns and parts
222. Corn knives
223. Antique Parts of hand tools
224. Laundry Plunger, sink plunger
225. Foot warmer for a carriage or old auto
226. School desk metal frame
227. Tack hardware, tiny corkscrew, clamps
228. Wooden cheese boxes
229. Blue and cream enamel gas can, one gallon, beer barrel wooden spigot
230. Womens laceup boot, children old shoes, auto goggles
231. Sheep bells, chevolet insignia, clothesline , US cavalry emblem from saddle
232. Hay scale
233. hand cranks, pulley,barn door handle
234. Hussannann, Hooks for sliding barn doors
235. Cans. Pratts, ice killer, Lees louse killer, Saxon cream of tarter,Imperial torpedo dehydrator, cookie tin
236. Sieves, strainerd, slicers, wooden stompers
237. Mirror with ornate wooden frame
238. Wooden box, tin lines with lock, has rations books, 1935 railway application for Sutherland reservoir, Newspaper of End of WW II, postcards
239. Ice box doors with beveled edge mirror
240. Beekeeper smoker, netted helmet and sugar jar
241. Diagonal mirror with painted frame
242. Oblong mirror with wood finish frame
243. Clevices,
244. 1920 Light fixtures
245. CaseTractor mount toolbox
246. Keen Kutter Meat grinder
247. O.J. Burrett & Bros. Weedsport, N.Y. post driller(?)
248. Tack and harness hardware
249. Tapered spigot drill and wooden spigot
250. Drills, brace, and bit
251. Bucket of Nebraska License Plates
252. 1891 Nail Puller, Axe, and Riveting Hammer
253. Assorted Farm Wrenches
254. Horn Rimmed Eyeglasses and Metal Case
255. Ice Hook & Stirrup
256. Box of Phennials
257. Rope Block & Tackles
258. Buggy Steps
259. Assorted Tools
260. Assorted Farm Tools
261. Bucket of Baseball Bats (Genuine Yogi Berra) & Gloves
262. Cabinet Door, Wooden Frame with Glass Panes
263. Leaded Glass Windows (x2)
264. Over 300 Copies of Western Horseman, Quarter Horse Journal, 1960s
265. Model T Bi-Fold Windshield
266. 4 Round Oval Picture Frames (2 with Glass)
267. Wooden Grandfather Clock Bonnett
268. CARTAGENA 1879 London Bell
269. Assorted Clock Frames & Faces
270. Horse Hames
271. Assorted Pins
272. Model 702 Ammunition Box & Wheels
273. Kids Singer Sewing Machine No. 20 With Instruction Manual & Box
274. Parlor Table Top & 8 Legs
275. Buffet Dresser Top With Mirrors
276. Wooden Restaurant Marquee With Brass Feet
277. Wooden Sleigh with Steel Rudders, Ice Skates
278. 2 Lindy’s Car Coolers, Brand New, In Box
279. Old Mirror
280. Solid Wood Round Picture Frame, No Glass
281. 1901 & 1908 Waffle Irons (x2)
282. Beveled Glass, Oblong Curved Mirror, Needs Re-Silvering
283. Victoria Regina 1700, 1800 Old English Mailbox
284. Old Wooden Folding Ironing Board
285. Cedar Chest
286. Tall Wooden Dresser
287. Long Wooden Dresser
288. Wooden Armour/Wardrobe with Full Mirror
289. Wooden Buffett with Mirror Across the Top
290. Leather Top Birthing Table Circa 1930-1940
291. Ships Trunk

More Antiques!

292. 4 Leg Stool
293. Seed Can
294. Corn Trough
295. Keros Stove
296. Hay Hooks
297. Anti-Freeze Cans
298. Crème Cans
299. Chicken Waterer
300. Tractor Seats
301. Lamp Bases
302. IHC Tool Box
303. Steel Wheels
304. Block & Tackle
305. Hog Water
306. Welk Yokes
307. Wash Tubs
308. Saddle horn & Horseshoes
309. Cream Separator Bowls
310. Hames
311. Wagon Parts
312. Windmill Covers
313. Bridle Parts
314. Galvanized Buckets
315. Cultivator
316. 1920’s Auto Gas Tank
317. Buggy Springs
318. Wash Stands
319. Barrel Hoops
320. Fan
321. Oliver Fenders
322. R.R. Dock Cart Wheels
323. Assorted Tools
324. Brass Bed Stead
325. Garden Gate
326. Wooden Barrels
327. Wooden Barn Door Hinges
328. Pitcher Pumps
329. Chicken Feeder
330. Windmill Cups
331. 1930’s Auto Stop Lite
332. Office Chair
333. Foot Powered Grind Stone
334. Buckeye Stove
335. Safe Wheels
336. Lanterns
337. Roasting Ears Knife
338. Oil Cans
339. Plumber Torches
340. Hand Saws
341. Car Parts
342. Hand Seeder
343. Oil Cans & Funnels
344. Plow Dolly Wheel
345. Oil Cans
346. Old Tire Pumps
347. Brass Auto Horn
348. Oil Cans
349. Barn Door Rollers
350. Flour Sifter
351. Chain Hoist
352. Car Steps
353. Farmer Favorite Grain Drill Ends
354. Car Jack
355. Small Blocks
356. Bathtub Feet
357. Light Fixture
358. Oil Spout & Well Parts
359. Galvanized Barn Roof Caps
360. Assorted Pulleys
361. Brake & Gear Shift Handles
362. Furnace Grate
363. Furnace Grate
364. Emerson Hog Oiler
365. Lamps – Fixture
366. Stove Doors & Burner
367. Stove Dampers
368. Stove Doors
369. Stove Top
370. Windsor Stove Door
371. 90 Large Funnel
372. Walker MFG Gear & Dog
373. Well Tongs
374. Reliance Scale Beam
375. Sewing Machine Drawers
376. Master Service 1940 Manual Household Refrigeration
377. Hog Oiler
378. Porcelain Oven-Top
379. Sipe MFG. Hog Oiler
380. Wash Machines
381. Sewing Machine Cabinet
382. Foot Powered Grinding Wheel
383. Old Signs
384. Horse Drawn Buggy Steel Chassis
385. Hay Sling Grapple


385a. Coffin cabinet shaped cabinet w/ curved glass, from France
386. Williamsburg Stoneware, off white , 40 pieces
387. Keystone, Cannonsburg Pottery Co. 20 pieces
388. Sheffield bone white china, 7 pieces.
389. Begium version of Le cruset cookware, orange
390. Leather Recliner
391. Grey/burgundy set of chairs with one hassock, less than one year old.
392. Washer and Dryer
393. New light fixtures still in box
394. New faucets and plumbing still in box
395. New shelving
396. Coleman Florescent lantern, Coleman lantern carry container
397. Fabric (Vintage, upholstery, western, quilting)
398. Western Decorator Items ( New and Antique)
399. Picture Frames (Antique, barn wood, traditional)
400. Childrens toys and games (new and used), nested dolls
401. New Glasseware, vases
402. Wine buckets, shot glasses, stemmed shot glasses
403. Belguim verson of leCreuset Cookware, 3 pans of orange

Collector Plates

1. 2 Rumplelstilchen, von Charles Gehm
2. “L arc De Triamphe, Limoges
3. La Purification ,Limoges
4. La Cathedral Notre Dame
5. Otto Griebling , Greatest Clown of the Circus
6. Where’s the Beef?, Clara Pellor
7. Small Wonder the fourth plate in the Wonder of Childhood Collection
8. Grandma’s Garden the fifth plate in the Wonder of Childhood Collection
9. 2 Mayflower Anniversary plates from Coalport China
10. Statue of Liberty Centennial plaque of pins
11. Statue of Liberty, the Immigrants
12. Statue of Liberty, Independence
13. Statue of Liberty, The Dedication
14. Statue of Liberty, the Rededication
15. 2 -I Love You Very, Orinigal work by Corita, 1979
16. Mother’s Joy, Original series by Vincent, 1982
17. Classical Beauties “Eve” by Vincent, 1981
18. Classical Beauties “Heather” by Vincent , 1979
19. Romeo and Juliet , Anna Perrina, Inc.
20. “Promises of Keep”Armstrong 1975
21. Rapunzel, Sammelteller-Nummeer
22. “Die Ambetung”, von Hedi Keller 1979
23. Edna Hibel Christmas Plate of 1985, Knowles
24. Cowboy Caper” The Children’s Hour Series 1981
25. “Margot in Blue” 1982 Curator Collection
26. “Daisies for Mother” Parkhurst Annual Mothers Day 1982
27. Cecile et Raoul, Limoges
28. Magic Moments of Childhood, First Kiss, Danbury Mint
29. 2-Little Red Riding Hood, 1980 Vague Shadows Ltd.
30. Mountain Friends, The Summer Days of Childhood Plate Collection 1983
31. Ballerina’s Dilemma, 1980 Vague Shadows Ltd.
32. “Jenny” Bone China by Stuart International 1984
33. “Secrets” by Lucelle Raad, Modern Concepts, Ltd.
34. “Family Care”, The Prize Collection, Strathmore China
35. “Billy’s Treasure” by Turner, Stuart International
36. “Going to the Circus”, the Brantwood Collection, 1979-80
37. “Helen of Troy” by Oleg Cassini, Pickard China.
38. “La Jeune Fille D’Ete”, Limoges
39. The Wife of Bath’s Tale”, Canterbury Tales Collection, Longtown Crown England
40. “Adams Rib” by Yiannis Koutsis, The Creation Series, Calhouns Collectors Society“, SB&G
41. “A Gentle Persuasion” Yin Rei Hicks,Knowles
42. “Thanks for the Memories”, Bob Hope, Royal Manor Porcelain
43. “Mickey”, Mickey Mantle, by Pablo Carreno
44. “Bronco Freddie”, Created from original artwork of Red Skelton
45. “Baby Take a Bow” from the Shirley Temple Collection.
46. “Stand Up and Cheer” from the Shirley Temple Collection
47. “Angelica” carved by hand in full lead crystals, Morgantown crystal with display stand
48. “Wakerfield Cathedral” the Crockery
49. “To a Skylark”, solid incolay stone edition closed in 1979, by Incolay Studios in CA
50. “Pensive Madonna”solid alabaster, designed hand sculptured in Italy
51. “Prince of Wales Investiture”Aynsley Fine Bone China.
52. Christmas 1970 Wedgewood Blue Whitehouse Christmas Plate
53. Hummel 6th Annual Plate 1976, Goebel
54. Hummel 7th Annual Plate 1977, Goebel
55. Hummel 8th Annual Plate 1978, Goebel
56. Hummel 9th Annual Plate 1979, Goebel
57. Hummel 10th Annual Plate 1980, Goebel
58. Hummel 14th Annual Plate 1984, Goebel
59. Royal Copenhagen 1965 Christmas Plate, “Little Skaters”
60. Royal Copenhagen 1983 Christmas Plate,,”Christmas in Old Town”
61. Royal Copenhagen 1968 Christmas Plate, Christmas in Church”
62. Royal Copenhagen 1966 Christmas Plate,”Hyen til Jul”(Boats coming in)
63. Royal Copenhagen 1983 Mars Day Plate, Racoons 2 plates
64. Royal Copenhagen 1972 Christmas Plate, mare and Foal
65. “Parade in Toyland” by Sister Berta Hummel, Christmas 1980”, Schmid
66. “A Joy to Share”, by Sister Berta Hummel, Mothers Day 1984, Schmid
67. “Bear Feats” Susan Anderson third issue of the Christmas Tree 1985
68. Christmas 1977,” The Wren in the Fir’s,,Belleek, Ireland
69. Christmas Commemorative Issue 1980, “Brewer’s Spruce” , Lenos
70. The Raggedy Ann 1976 Christmas Plate, Schmid
71. The Raggedy Ann 1977 Christmas Plate, Schmid
72. The Raggedy Ann 1978 Christmas Plate, Schmid
73. The Raggedy Ann 1979Christmas Plate, Schmid
74. The Raggedy Ann 1978 Mother’s Day Plate, Schmid
75. The Raggedy Ann 1978 Valentine’s Day Plate, Schmid
76. Walt Disney Happy Birthday Pinochio plate 1980, Schmid
77. Norman Rockwell authentic Collectors Plate “For a Good Boy”
78. Norman Rockwell authentic Collectors Plate “The Cobbler”
79. Norman Rockwell authentic Collectors Plate “The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter”
80. Norman Rockwell authentic Collectors Plate “The Toymaker”
81. Norman Rockwell, “A Touch of Rockwell Collection , “Bedtime Prayers”
82. Norman Rockwell, “A Touch of Rockwell Collection, “Songs of Praise”
83. Norman Rockwell, A Touch of Rockwell Collection “For a Good Boy”
84. Norman Rockwell’s American Family Series, “Giving Thanks”
85. Norman Rockwell’s “Freedom from Fear” (A portrayal of the security of American Life)
86. Norman Rockwell’s “The Inventor”, From the Early Works
87. Norman Rockwell’s “Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow”
88. Norman Rockwell’s Christmas 1980, “Scotty Play Santa”
89. Set of Four MUGS ,Norman Rockwell The Four Seasons Collection
90. Woody Woodpecker Happy Art by Walter Lantz, “Woody’s Triple Self Portrait”
91. Woody Woodpecker Happy Art by Walter Lantz, “Gothic Woody” (3 plates)
92. Wedgewood, “Be My Friend” by Mary Vickers. (2 plates)
93. “The Man of Law’s Tale” First issue in the Canterbury Tales Collection, Oxford England
94. “The Wife of Bath’s Tale” Fourth Issue in the Canterbury Tales Collections, Oxford England
95. “Daydream” the third issue in Wedgwood Series “The Blossoming of Suzanne” by Mary Vickers
96. “Feliz Adler” the Greatest Clowns of the Circus” Circus World Museum
97. “Traveling in Style” conceived by Ron’s Hobo Joe and other clown collectables
98. Mothers’ Day by Carlos Monte, Italy, Hand Enameled
99. “The New Generation, The Fledglings” by Marilyn Leader , B & G
100. “Windsor Castle” by Minton Bone China
101. “The Sunday Picnic” by Jody Sickbert, Franklin Porcelain
102. “Skating Party” by Jody Sickbert, Franklin Porcelain
103. “Little Red Schoolhouse” by Jo Sickbert, Franklin Porcelain
104. “The Presidential Inaugural Day Plate of Ronald Wilson Reagan” 1985 Framed


May 4, 2014
9:30 am - 5:00 pm
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Adam Marshall


Arnold Community Center
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