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This Trophy Ranch is going to AUCTION!!!!

April 22, 2016 – 10:00 AM MST

Quality Inn, 201 Chuckwagon Rd, Ogallala, Nebraska

Scott Saults – Listing Broker – 308-289-1383

Adam Marshall – Auctioneer – 308-440-1923

For more information visit the Lashley Land website here: http://www.lashleyland.com/land-for-sale/auction-blue-creek-land-company

Parcel 1: 2060+- total estimated acres
Approximately 285 acres of sub-irrigated meadow, 1.5  miles of Blue Creek, and approximately 1703 acres of range. Divided into 7 pastures with 11 water sites. 72 acres of lots, pens and extraordinary building sites.  Exact total acres to be determined with a survey if this tract sells separately. Cost of survey to be split equally between buyer and seller.

Parcel 2: 1911+- total estimated acres
319 acres of sub-irrigated meadow and  approximately 1.5 miles of Blue Creek, 1602 acres of range divided into 3 pastures with 7 water sites. Exact total acres to be determined with a survey if this tract sells separately. Survey to be split equally between buyer and seller.

Parcel 3: 858  acres of range
Approximately 223 of deeded range with two water sites on the deeded ground. 635 acres is a state of Nebraska Board of Educational Lands and Funds lease{school section} the cost of the lease is $10,560. The buyer will reimburse the seller for $30,000 in improvements, and the first half of the lease cost{5280.40} as it was due January 1, 2016 and has been paid.  The lease expires in December of 2017. Lease will be re-assigned to buyer. Exact total acres to be determined with a survey if this tract sells separately. Cost of survey to be split equally between buyer and seller.

Parcel 4:  2468.45 tax assessed acres
548 irrigated acres, 77.11 dry cropland 15 acre building & feedlot site and app.1828 acres of range. There is an 850 head feedlot, 50,000 bushel new grain bin with dryers, additional 23,000 bushel grain bins. There are two shops and an extensive set of pens. There is livestock water in or on the perimeter of each pivot, it is divided into 4 pastures plus the pivots are fenced also, with a total of 13 watering sites, plus the automatic waterers in the feedlot. One pivot is planted to rye, two pivots are alfalfa, and one has sorghum stubble on it. Additionally there is a 213 acre pivot adjacent to this tract that is leased with one year left{2016} and that lease will transfer to the new buyer. The lease cost will be paid by the buyer{cost is $53,275} and it is due November 1, 2016 . It is currently planted to orchard grass. The pivot and well info is available on request.

Parcel 5: 1143.22  acres 
Good rangeland split into two pastures, watered by 4 tanks,  two in each pasture. Access is from the county road in the SW corner of the pasture.

Parcel 6: 2871.02 tax assessed acres
Rangeland divided into four pastures. there is a total of seven water sites in this parcel. Access is across parcel 4

Location: 15 miles north of Oshkosh, NE

Taxes: $34,414.66

Summary of Attributes

  • In the heart of the Ogallala aquifer. Springs bubble up year round.
  • 11,279 total acres available.
  • 850 cow feedlot with finest pens, fencing and other cattle improvements that can be built.
  • Five stocked ponds, with excellent fishing.
  • Private wetlands refuge with tremendous wildlife diversity including migrating geese, ducks, and swans.
  • Three miles of Blue Creek, stocked with trout, run through the ranch.
  • Two of the 4 pivots have been newly planted to roundup ready alfalfa (Cropland Tonaca).
  • $23,000 worth of improvements have been invested on the school lease, which runs until 2018, and can be renewed.
  • Purchase of property comes with a lease on a 213 acre irrigated pivot just planted to orchard and Meadow Brome last fall, which will allow for FIVE TONS of great hay every year.
  • Purchase of property comes with 4,500 TONS of silage, and any leftover hay.
  • Nearly all fencing throughout range is new 4 strand barb wire
  • Ranch has 33 stock tanks on pipelines or their own wells, only 1 windmill.
  • There are three (3!) heated shops, and a large calving barn with heat and running water.
  • Extra appropriated water on pivots registered through the NRD.
  • Entire Ranch (all parcels) can easily run 800-1200 head year round.
  • Two luxurious houses. All appliances included.
  • Plentiful antelope roam the property, as do enormous mule deer. Tremendous hunting lease potential on numerous game species.
  • Tremendous income potential for leasing, selling feed, hunting leases, and guest lodging.

Feedlot details (Located on Parcel 4)

  • 1,600 feet of bunk space
  • Legally approved for 850 head of cattle
  • West feedlot pens have 182,750 sq ft of total pen space (2 pens)
  • East feedlot pens have 121,900 sq ft of total pen space (6 pens)

Rental Income Potential:

  • Pivot lease: $175,000
  • Summer grass lease: $225,000
  • Hunting lease: $25,000
  • Custom feeding from feedlot: $300,000
  • Extra hay and feed to sell: $200,000 or $500,000 if you do not keep any for your cows
  • Lodge income: $60,000 (as guest lodge rental for weddings and family reunions that can be held at the ranch, hunting parties, etc)

Click here to see a video of Blue Creek Cattle Company

Blue Creek Land Company is one of the finest showplace ranches to ever become available in the Sandhills of Nebraska. This ranch was recently featured as the cover story in Nebraska Life magazine, (March/April 2015) and serves not only as a sterling example of a profitable ranch operation, but is noted for it’s beauty and exemplary wildlife habitat. Located in the heart of the Ogallala aquifer, this ranch boasts tremendous rangelands, much of it sub-irrigated.  Three miles of Blue Creek meanders through the ranch, through bottom meadows, ensuring year round moisture. This ranch can easily run 800-1200 cows year round with an abundance of excess hay to sell. T

The corrals at the headquarters (Parcel 1) are complemented with enough guard- rail pens to hold 2,000 head of cattle (approximately 10 acres) with great shelter- belts surrounding them. There is a large heated calving barn with running water, with seven stalls inside and 8 pens outside.  A wonderful heated and insulated concrete floor shop has natural lighting from overhead skylights.

The ranch is being sold as six parcels. Parcel 4 features an 850-cow feedlot with 1,500 feet of new feed bunks and pipe pens to finish or background calves. Also located on Parcel 4 is a new 50,000 bushel grain bin with dryers, 3 older bins totaling 23,000 bushels, two shops, a silage pit, and corrals. The shops, feedlot, and pens on Parcel 4 are located at the west end of the land adjacent to the pivots. One pivot is allocated 14” of water usage but has extra allocated water to it since it used to be a larger pivot.

Overall, the property features three heated shops and two newly renovated barns.

The improvements and homes on this ranch are second to none!  There are $23,000 worth of improvements on the school lease, (Parcel 3) which rides with the property and can be renewed in 2018. The homes were built with an abundance of reclaimed wood and rustic touches, yet they exude class with high end finishes, hardware, granite and fixtures. All of the high-end appliances stay with the property. A tremendous sense of style is evident in the interior design of both the main and guest houses.

The main house (built in 2004, on Parcel 1) is 2,400 square feet with an airy 360-degree wrap around porch overlooking three stocked ponds.  It has 4 bedrooms and two baths, a built- in hot tub on the deck, a brick patio with fire pit, and an outdoor grilling/smoking station.  It has a gorgeous built in bar in the billiards room. Beautiful docks on two of the ponds are tremendous spots for trout fishing.  Numerous species of waterfowl, including swans, fill the ponds during migration as the ranch is located in the center of the Central Flyway.

Turkeys roost in the tree just off the back deck. Chukkers, pheasant, and quail walk around the grounds like tame chickens. The tremendous variety and population of all species of wildlife on this ranch is astounding.

There is a 3,200 sq. ft. lodge (on Parcel 1) built in 2010 with a view of the largest pond. This lodge can accommodate 8-10 people. It is as richly appointed as the main house, featuring a full granite kitchen, office, and a beautiful built in bar.  This room could easily host a football party with 20 people or more comfortably accommodated. The finishes and fixtures are as stylish in the lodge as they are in the main house.

This property could easily bring $15-30K or more per year in leasing the mule deer hunting, upland game hunting, trout fishing, and lodging to individuals or a corporation. There are enormous mule deer and antelope on the property.  The creek and 5 ponds are all stocked with large trout, bass, crappie, blue gill and catfish.  Ducks and geese pour into the ponds and surrounding wetland during migration, as the ranch is located in the middle of the Central Flyway.

The property has a propane generator capable of providing power to the ranch in the event of power failure for up to two weeks.  Also, there is a propane filling station for filling smaller propane tanks and bottles. There is a fenced three-acre garden that is used to grow sweet corn, potatoes, and many other vegetables.

The thoughtful details and amenities on this ranch are too numerous to mention. The improvements are tremendous, and the lodges simply must be seen to appreciate. The feed base, the irrigated ground, and the cattle facilities leave many options for the cattleman. Truly, this is a legacy property, perhaps the finest showplace ranch to ever come up for sale in Nebraska.

Click here to see a video of Blue Creek Cattle Company


April 22, 2016
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Adam Marshall


Ogallala Quality Inn
201 Chuckwagon Rd
Ogallala, NE 69153 United States
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